Monitoring tools for end-to-end Observability


Today a company presence on the web is not a simple showcase, but is an essential and reliable tool for its operations.

INRETE Observability tools and services, are the perfect solution for constant monitoring of your web services functionality, focusing on efficiency and delivery times. They act like a virtual customer, performing all the operations of a typical user and evaluating both the efficiency and the time between the first request and the real web service supply.

The Observability tools store all the measurement results and it is able to send alarms when the quality standards go down below a specific threshold level.
INRETE Observability tools distinctive features are:

  • the ability to measure from different locations and carriers of the Italian Internet
  • a unique ability to tailor the measure to fit the client environment.
  • provide a real end-to-end external assessment.
INRETE Observability solutions are used by the largest Italian banks, and has been integrated in very complex environments where it simulates users with strong authentication as the one time password tokens.

For more info about INRETE Observability products designed for the Italian market visit the specific Italian Products Section.